Camila Mendes Gushes About Rudy Mancuso Relationship, Reveals More Details

Camila Mendes Gushes About Rudy Mancuso Relationship, Reveals More Details

Camila Mendes is dishing on her current relationship, with Rudy Mancuso!

The 28-year-old Riverdale star and her Música co-star/director sparked dating rumors last year after filming their upcoming movie.

Then, a few months later, they were seen arriving in Venice together for her to attend the Venice Film Festival. A couple more months later, she shared a photo of them in an Instagram “dump.”

Now, in a new podcast interview, she opened up about her current love life.

At the time of recording the Going Mental podcast, she confirmed that she was in a relationship, and it wasn’t public. “I’d like to keep it that way, for now. I don’t know, I’m constantly changing my perspective on it.”

“The things is, I love so hard when I’m in love that I always want to show off my lover,” she continued. “I get so mushy gushy with that…”

“[We’ve been together] a few months. It’s new, new. As of like June,” Camila said, with June being around the time they were filming their movie together! “I am still in the honeymoon [phase], but it’s one of those situations where I feel like, and I’m really trying to temper myself here. I don’t wanna like speak above and beyond, but I feel like I’ve known him my whole life, and that’s something I actually have never felt before.”

Recently, the couple rang in the new year in Miami!

She also described their upcoming movie Música as a musical without singing. “There’s no singing and dancing, it’s not that kind of musical. It’s just kind of like a musical experience, and it’s trying to sort of explain the feeling in a very romanticized, grandiose way of what it feels like to be a Synesthete, where music is the villain.”

“Music is not the good thing, music is kind of disturbing,” Camila added. “I’m really excited because it’s the first time I’ve ever spoken Portuguese in a movie, and I get to play a Brazilian-American, and what I like about it is it’s very unique to being a Brazilian-American.”

Camila‘s ex Charles Melton recently returned to set of Riverdale to start filming his scenes for the show’s final season. Find out when it premieres and when it ends here!

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