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Rodolfo Mancuso is an American Internet personality, musician and actor. Buy Rudy Mancuso Merch Here!

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Brimming with 10.6 million followers on Vine, Rudy Mancuso ranks as one of the most popular Vine stars with exceptional talent in music and direction. Obviously, the talent he possesses mirrors the Vines he creates; within minutes of uploading his Vine videos, he generates a million views. 

This dauntless comedian slams stereotypes with his unconventional content through his sidesplitting characters of Isaac and Juan – two Hispanic men identified by hats, Spanish Batman, Spanish Superman and Tony, an Italian. Don’t stumble yet! This Vine star doesn’t stick to characters to get you cracking, his relatable humor coupled with a few of his friends just hanging out and doing the ‘offbeat’ is hysterical.

What Makes Rudy Mancuso So Special

So what makes Rudy so special—hismultiple talents or excessive hard work? Well, it’s both. Rudy started out as a musician. He started to play the keyboard at a very young age and never let his dreams stall. He wanted to make it big in the world of Art and Entertainment. Rudy did not limit himself to one area of entertainment- music.

But he went on to master the skills of acting, direction and storyboarding. In an interview, he said that the best part of Vine is that he gets to tell a short story with himself as the character, where he can call the shots and run a ‘one man’s show’, just like Charlie Chaplin. Thus, with his incessant ambitions, Rudy juggles life between Los Angeles and New York.

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